Fact Sheet

Developer Philipp Lehner (Vienna, Austria)
Genre Strategy, Puzzle
Stores Steam | itch.io
OS Windows PC, Linux
Release February 2023
Players Single-Player
Features Full controller support, Steam Cloud, Achievements, Level Editor
E-Mail muddasheep@gmail.com
Social Twitter | YouTube | VK | Facebook
Website muddasheep.com
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About the Developer

Born in 1984, Philipp Lehner has been creating since his early teens, and found success with his collection of Half-Life mods called Halfquake Trilogy. He is primarily a musician, so all his games have a heavy focus on music. His work has been featured in PC Gamer, PC Action, on Rock Paper Shotgun, and has been nominated for Best Original Art by ModDB in 2010. Some people might also know him for his soundtrack for the game Cry of Fear. He is married, likes cats and Sachertorte.

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